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Organization of teamwork concept

We provide freight and forwarding services

The principle of organization of the process

Cargo transportation is carried out on the basis of a cargo transportation contract (optional), which can be concluded with the approval of the carrier to fulfill the order, and in the presence of a contract for the organization of cargo transportation - the shipper's application.

The order (application) is submitted by the sender to the carrier, who is obliged to consider the order (application) within 3 days from the date of its acceptance and inform the shipper of the acceptance or refusal of the order (application).

Delay is the delivery of the vehicle to the loading point with a delay of more than 2 hours from the time specified in the order agreed by the carrier (application), unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

When submitting a vehicle for loading, the consignor shall indicate in the transport consignment note (order-order) in the presence of the carrier (driver) the actual date and time of delivery of the vehicle under load, as well as the condition of cargo, containers, packaging, marking and sealing, cargo weight and number of cargo

The carrier (driver) at the end of loading signs the transport consignment note and if necessary specifies in the transport consignment note the remarks and reservations at cargo acceptance.

The carrier informs the shipper and the consignee about the delay in delivery of the goods. Unless otherwise provided by the contract of carriage. The consignor and the consignee have the right to consider the cargo lost and to claim damages for the lost cargo.

  • Transportation Assistance
  • Road Freight transport throughout Ukraine
  • Office, apartment, country moving
  • Constant control of cargo along the entire route
  • Complete documentation of transportation (contract, order, act, invoice)
  • Individual approach that allows you to provide discounts, deferred payment to regular customers
  • We work with individuals and companies of any form of ownership

Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of questions that our customers ask us most often

Can you calculate the estimated cost of a shipment?

Of course. Our dispatchers will be happy to offer you the best transport option, which will allow you to transport the best quality cargo and save on transportation.

Is it possible to deliver groupage cargo?

No, we do not deliver groupage cargo.

What is "supply" of transport?

"Machine feed" is the transport cost of the distance and time to the intended place of loading.

Can your drivers work as freight forwarders?

Yes, we provide additional shipping services for your shipment. The cost is determined depending on the complexity of the task, most often it is equal to the cost of 1 hour of work for a given vehicle.

Can your drivers help load or unload the car?

Yes, for a fee by arrangement with the driver.

What is the cost of loading and unloading?

The cost of each order for loading and unloading works is calculated individually, depending on the quantity and quality of cargo, based on the prices indicated in the price list.

Is it possible to sign a contract for Freight transport?

Yes. We enter into contracts, including long-term ones, with both legal entities and individuals.

Is it possible to pay for services by bank transfer
and what documents do you provide?

Payment for services is possible by cashless payment, we provide a full package of accounting.

Do you transport to European countries?

Yes, we deliver cargo to European countries by arrangement

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